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Project Description
EF4 Templates uses T4toolbox to generate Repositories, Unit of work, POCO entities that can be unit tested.

Now on Nuget! Type "Install-Package EF4Templates"

Getting Started

The POCO self-tracking entities in here are the same as the ones in the online gallery with a few key features added:
  • Xml documentation
  • Field names are camel-case parsed to real text with <DisplayName("Name")> using DataAnnotations.
  • Uses T4Toolbox to generate files that are attached in the project and not below the T4 file.

Features already implemented:
  • Repository with unit-tests and unit of work implementation.
  • Entities that use IContext and IObjectSet so they can be seperated from EF, and unit tested.
  • Fake object context for testing purposes.
  • OData service endpoint for use with WPF or windows forms, including forms authentication.
  • XML documentation for use with SandCastle.
  • Unit tests for the repository and FakeObjectSet
  • Optional exclusion of generated classes from code coverage (except classes with unit tests)

The templates generate C# code too (VB.NET on the way). Wanna help?

Special thanks to Julie Lerman for guidance, and a great book !

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